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"And a river went forth from Eden to water the Garden." [Genesis 2:10] From the union of the male and female—meaning, of course, in the transcendence—come all souls which animate men. The inference is that the Eden-river is that of life, or synonymously it is the river of souls, and in this case we shall understand that the Higher Eden is the place of Divine Nuptials, while the Garden which was watered by the river was the place of nuptials below. . . At the moment of the union of the Spouse and Bride all souls came forth from the celestial river. "Alu Mikhael Gabriel ve Raphael," ALU MIKAL GBRIAL V RPAL converted are, 1, 30, 6, 40, 10, 20, 1, 30, 3, 2, 200, 10, 1, 30, 6, 200, 80, 1, 30, also amounting to 701, and the Rabbis argued that these two sets of three beings were identical. Some Christian Kabalists point out that in Genesis xlix. v. 10 we find "Yebah Shiloh," YBA SHILH, "Shiloh shall come," which amount to 358; and that the word "Messiah," MShVCh is 40, 300, to, 8, or 358; but so is also Nachash, the Serpent of Moses, NChSh, 50, 8, 300; and I must remark that the claim to translate ShILh, or, as some ancient Hebrew MSS. write it, ShLh, by "Shiloh," in the sense of Jesus Christ, is far-fetched. The word is simply "rest," or "peace," in its simplest meaning, but also is the Scorpio of the Chaldean zodiac (related to Nachash, serpent); and "Judah," of whom Jacob is talking in the prophecy, is the sign of the zodiac; Leo for "Judah is a lion's whelp" (the Chaldean zodiac has a lion couchant), "he crouches as a lion." In this sense, then, "the sceptre shall not depart from Judah," i.e., power shall not leave Leo, until Shelah, Shiloh or Scorpio shall come up or rise. Astronomy teaches that as Leo passes away from the meridian, Scorpio rises. The title "Comforter," "Menachem," MNChM, 40, 50, 8, 40, amounting to 138, and the title "The Branch," applied to the Messiah in Zechariah iii. v. 8, namely, TzMCh, 90, 40, 8, also 138, are of the same number. Metatron, the great angel MThRThN, and ShADDAI ShDI, translated "Almighty," are both 314. The letter Shin, Sh, = 300, is used as a glyph of "the spirit of the living gods," Ruach Elohim RUCh ALhIM, which transmutes into 200, 6, 8, 1, 30, 5, 10, 40, or 300.